Welcome to the OHL Arena Guide blog

Contrary to what it might have appeared, I never stopped travelling to sporting events. I just ran out of things to say about the Compuware Arena.

This blog is intended as a clearinghouse for me to talk about going to sports that don’t involve junior hockey. I don’t intend to maintain a regular schedule for updating or anything, but with a lifetime’s worth of backlog to get through, hopefully the schedule will be a little more regular than it has been on the OHL site over the past year.

And hey, if anyone has found this independently from my websites, check out the OHL Arena Guide and QMJHL Arena Guide sites.


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2 Responses to “Welcome to the OHL Arena Guide blog”

  1. etr102 Says:

    Great idea for a blog! I’ve been a reader of the original OHL Arena Guide for years and I definitely tend to agree with you that there’s really only so much you can say about the same 20 arenas, so it’s time to broaden your horizons. I love your Picture Of The Week feature on the other site, but was always interested in seeing more photographs of the subjects. Always interesting to read about your experiences.

    I started out http://www.robsarenatour.com as a site primarily about my own travels to OHL Arenas, but I may eventually expand the concept as well to include CIS arenas, Junior B, etc. Maybe one day when I have more money, I can do MLB, NHL, etc. For now, I still have to complete my OHL tour though as I’ve only been to 14 rinks.

    If you are taking requests, Labatt Park in London would be a cool article for you to do :). Lots of history there.

  2. Chris Mayberry Says:

    Great piece on the Yost experience, Kevin.
    Look forward to seeing more on your blog when time permits but I know all about life getting in the way. Sadly, my own OHL enthusiasm waned, and I now concentrate on the pros on my own site. Congrats on your engagement and job — sounds as if life is going well for you!


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